Porn Scan : Scan Your Drive for Unwanted Porn


Protect your family by scanning your computer for porn

Of all the things that clutter up our hard drives, one of the most unwelcome to many families and individuals is pornographic images and files. Despite your best defenses, porn can permeate your computer in the form of emails, pop-ups, and so on even if you don't intentionally go looking for that sort of thing.

Trying to check your computer manually for porn and other illicit material would take forever and be close to impossible to do properly. The most expedient way to tackle the problem is to run a porn scan with a software programmed for just such a task. A porn scan can enable you to locate and remove files that contain inappropriate content, including image files and movies, documents and HTML files, cookies and internet history.

Using a porn scanning program can go a long way to protecting yourself and your family from unwanted porn.

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